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Welcome to Climate TRACE!


This map visualizes the 352 million assets included in the Climate TRACE emissions inventory. The default view when the page first loads shows emissions sources from all sectors across all geographies for the most-recent calendar year (i.e., 2022). Total emissions appear at the bottom left corner of the page and will dynamically update as you make additional selections using the toolbar.

What am I looking at?

On this map:

  • Dots represent emissions sources that are human-made facilities (like refineries, power plants, or airports). There are hundreds of thousands of such assets. Clicking on one will load an emissions data “card” providing additional detailed information about that emissions source.

  • Gradient green and pink ‘pixels’ represent emitting assets from land use (like forests, farms, and crop fires) at a 1 x 1 km scale. There are hundreds of millions of such assets. To make the map easier to use, emissions source data cards are not included here,  but are available for bulk download upon request.

  • Shaded areas represent an aggregation of many assets grouped together so that they can be represented with a single emissions data card. (Like all the forests in one county, or all the road transportation emissions in one urban area, etc).

Note: zooming in on a region with aggregated data will activate a mouseover hover effect, showing the geographic boundary for the area where emissions are being aggregated.

Using the Toolbar

The toolbar across the top of the page is the primary method for searching and filtering the data visualized in the map. It offers five ways to dig into the details:

  • By location, owner, or emissions source name: Start typing to generate a dynamic, smart list of possible matches to choose from. You can search by locations such as continents, country names, states and provinces, regions, and counties. You can also search by owner name* or the names of individual assets. The map will automatically zoom to a level consistent with the geographic extent of your search criteria, and show you all assets Climate TRACE knows of with that name, in that location, or owned by that company.
    *Note: Due to temporary technical constraints, when searching for sources by owner, 100% of the emissions from that source will be counted toward the owner’s overall emissions total. To calculate emissions based on true ownership percentage, please download the full data set using the download button on the map.

  • By sector: Choose from a drop-down list of 10 sectors and 50+ subsectors. The map initially loads showing all sectors and subsectors as the default. You can simultaneously select multiple sectors and subsectors to show custom combinations. At any time, you can choose “All” to return your sector selections to the inclusive default.

  • By year: Choose the date range for the data you want to view. The map initially loads showing 2022 data as the default. You can also switch to view 2021 data. Note: you can download additional data covering emissions from 2015-2022 on our Downloads page and view country and sector-level totals for all years on our Country Inventory page.

  • By gas: Choose the greenhouse gas for which you want to browse the data. The map initially loads showing as the default emissions measured in CO2e, the total emissions across all gasses measured in units of the equivalent amount of CO2. Options also include looking only at emissions of individual gasses: CO2 (carbon dioxide), CH4 (methane), or N20 (nitrous oxide).

  • By global warming potential (GWP): CO2e can be calculated two different ways, the equivalent over 20 years or over 100 years. If CO2e is selected as the gas, this toggle switches between 100- and 20-year methods. The map initially loads showing 100-year GWP data as the default.

As you build your search and filter the data, your active criteria will display across the top of the map, just below the toolbar. Individual criteria can be removed by clicking the corresponding “X”. Or choose “clear all” to start over.

Additional Information and Options

  • Emissions totals: The box in the bottom left of the map view displays the total emissions associated with your search and filter criteria. It automatically updates as you change and refine your selection to show total emissions and the number of assets that contribute to the total.

  • View: Toggle the map view between aerial view shaded topography or visible spectrum satellite imagery. Both options show country borders.

  • Download: Click the icon (a down arrow) to download CSV files of the raw data to your computer. The CSV file’s data will correspond to your search and filter criteria and the current map display. For more-detailed data, please visit the Data page.

  • Share: Click the icon (an up arrow) to share your filtered map and data on Facebook or X (formerly known as Twitter). Or get a custom link you can share, which corresponds to your search and filter criteria.

For Additional Data

The full Climate TRACE inventory is available to download by sector and country on the Data Downloads page.

To explore emissions by country and sector from 2015-2022, visit the Country Inventory page.

To make custom comparisons between assets, countries, and sectors, visit the Compare Tool page.

To access the most detailed version of the data, which is billions of data points on over 352 million assets, please reach out via our Contact page.

All Sectors
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  • Buildings
  • Fluorinated gases
  • Fossil fuel operations
  • Forestry and Land Use
  • Manufacturing
  • Mineral Extraction
  • Power
  • Transportation
  • Waste
Download data for the filtered sources visible on the map.

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